Do you even pizza?

So last Saturday, I decided it was time for a fun day amongst all this study. Many adventures were had with my friend Suzan. You’ll probably hear about these other adventures in posts down the track. For now though, you have to know about this pizza place and their famous jaw breaker or gut breaker as we renamed it!

Old School Pizza is a pizzeria that makes pizza (duh!) in Brunswick West, and I swear you have never seen a slice of pizza this big. They do a range of pizza and pasta in different sizes, but if pizza is really your life, ask for the Jaw Breaker.

The Jaw Breaker is the largest slice of pizza I have ever seen (you will probably only need one), and can be made in almost all the classic options on the menu except Supreme. It costs around $20 per slice, and we decided to eat in. When the pizza came, I knew that was the end of all pizza in the future. No pizza would ever live up to this standard. I also questioned whether I had accidentally signed up for one of those food eating contests, but no, this was actually the size of the pizza. Take a look at the snaps below! I had the Hawaiian – pineapple belongs on pizza!

You can find Old School Pizza at 436 – 438 Moreland Road, Brunswick West, VIC, 3055, and they are open everyday except Tuesdays from 4:45pm – 10pm. This post is not sponsored by them, pizza is just life.


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