Day Trip: Cactus Country

Welcome to the first instalment of my Day Trip features. I thought this was a perfect way to showcase the wonderful places, and things you can do when you have a spare day or weekend in Victoria. So to kick this off, we have Cactus Country!

When to go: Lucky for you, Cactus Country is open 7 days a week from 9am – 5pm. I visited on the Queen’s Birthday public holiday in June, and they were open! If you are planning on visiting on a major public holiday (Eg. Christmas), best to contact them and double check.

How to get there: Cactus Country is about 3 hours north from Melbourne situated in Strathmerton, and is best accessed by car. The address is 4986 Murray Valley Highway, Strathmerton, VIC.

How long to spend there: My friend, and I roughly spent about two hours there strolling around the garden, and eating some delicious cactus ice-cream. You could spend less or more though, depending on whether you are interested in learning about each individual species, and whether you choose to have lunch there.

Price: $12.50 entry for an adult. They have cheaper options for large groups, and children. Cactus ice-cream costs $5, and is served in a waffle cone. They do have EFTPOS facilities, with no minimum spend.

Last week I visited the upcoming popular tourist attraction, Cactus Country, with my good friend, Suzan. Cactus Country is a large garden full of all different kinds of cactus with multiple trails that stretches over 8 acres. The quirky tourist attraction has an ongoing Mexican theme even with a Mexican restaurant on site, and an opportunity to purchase your own cacti to take home – baby cacti and large cacti.

On arrival you make your way to the quaint reception area and purchase your ticket. They provide you with a booklet outlining all the different trails with the different kinds of cacti. I must admit, we were more interested in just looking and walking around rather than identifying their scientific names, but the options are there. You can even grab a sombrero on your way if you fancy.

From there you are free to roam around the garden. Each trail is named by colours, and some have themes. After you can dine in the restaurant, or try some of the cake or ice-cream made from the plants. I totally recommend the ice-cream. It’s a sweet gooey goodness!

Cactus Country makes a perfect day trip, and offers a unique experience! Have you been to Cactus Country yet?


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