International Songs I’m Diggin’

Music, and travel are easily two of my favourite things. So when they merge together, I get a bit excited. Over time, and throughout my travels, I’ve taken a strong interest in music from different countries, and often miss them every time they tour when I go to their country. I’m looking at you CRO.

I decided there was no better way to showcase this than compile my top 10 tracks in a Spotify playlist. I must say there are two tracks from Germany, I’m a little bias.


SAM – ‘Wach Auf’

Well-dressed and gorgeous German rap brothers who are releasing their new album next month. This was the lead single, and possibly one of my fave tracks at the moment.

CRO (Ft. Danju) – ‘Meine Gang (Bang Bang)’

CRO is a German rapper from Stuttgart. I first discovered this panda faced musician (he literally wears a panda mask) whilst on exchange in Germany, and have supported his music ever since.

Machel Montano – ‘Fast Wine’

If you’re having a downer, this track will get you dancing! Machel hails from Trinidad and Tobago, and provides me with the good vibes. Get me on a ship to the Caribbean asap!

Eddy Kenzo – ‘Sitya Loss’ 

Ugandan dancehall. Need I say anymore?

Jaz Dhami & Yo Yo Honey Singh – ‘High Heels’

I love India and their love of music, and dance! Bollywood is a whole new level, and this track is one of my faves! Yo Yo Honey Singh is a rapper from Punjab, and is one of the more well known musicians in the Indian mainstream. I discovered his music when I was visiting India a couple years ago, and haven’t looked back.

Sagi Abitul & Guy Haliva – ‘Stanga’ 

I did a research essay last year on Israel, during this research I came across this tune! I honestly think that Israel must have an amazing nightlife that they’re just hiding from everyone. So here’s a little taste of what we’re all probably missing out on right now – well until I decide to visit.

The Gazette – ‘Filth In The Beauty’

Possibly the best head-bangers around. Suss the video for these Japanese rockers.

L-FRESH The LION – ‘1 in 100,000’ 

Had to throw a little bit of Australian flavour in there! An all round great guy that comes from an interesting background re: his devotion to the Sikh religion.


I think my sister would hate me if I made an international playlist and didn’t put any Korean Pop music in it. The choreography, the fashion, the perfection.

Sonohra (Ft. Hevia) – ‘Si chiama Libertà’

Finishing up with my favourite Italian brothers, Sonohra. They won the San Remo Festival way way way back, and have since released a bunch of great albums, with a new one coming soon! Their newer music is a bit more pop/rock, so this tune comes from about the middle of their career.


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