The Melbourne Street Art Cheat Sheet

It’s no surprise that Melbourne and street art go together better than chocolate and I go together. Melbourne is the hot spot for street art, and street artists; both local and international. They pop up here, there, and everywhere. A good friend of mine, and I decided  to spend a Sunday evening searching for Melbourne street artist, Lushsux‘s best work, especially the ones that keep popping up on my feed. His work is humorous, relevant, viral, full of talent, and pretty easy to pose with. Here’s what we found as of Sunday 15th January 2017. Don’t be hatin’ on me if it has since been covered up, be quick.

Melbourne CBD


dsc_0307  dsc_0323  dsc_0304

Location: Next to Wah Wah Lounge, Waratah Place, next to 185 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. 

Along the lane way leading to Wah Wah Lounge, is Kylie Jenner’s bikini selfie, and Amber Rose, originally nude, but has since been censored. As well as ‘Daddy’ next to it.

dsc_0355-2  dsc_0343  dsc_0347

Location: Back of Opium Lounge, Cosgrave Lane, accessed from Little Bourke Street off King Street, Melbourne. 

Big booties are all the rage, and what a better place to paint one than the back of a strip club – “I touched the butt”.

dsc_0198       photo-3-12-16-9-44-41-pm-2      photo-3-12-16-11-15-06-pm

Location: Outside Sister Bella, Sniders Lane. Turn down Drewery Lane off of Lonsdale Street. 

Remember that time when Kim Kardashian posted that nude pic on Insta, and then everyone had to have an opinion as to whether it was acceptable or not. Then, Emily Ratajkowski took a topless pic with Kim as a ‘Fuck the Haters’ kind of get up. Well Lushsux painted that image at the end of an alley in the CBD. You just can’t help but take your shirt off. It’s next to a bar, so you may have to be sneaky or confident af.


dsc_0150  dsc_0183  dsc_0188

Location: Sunshine Lane, accessed via Ann St off Lygon Street in Brunswick – the back of Dean Sunshine Textiles.

I must say this one wasn’t the easiest to find. Type ‘Sunshine Lane‘ into Google Maps, and well it doesn’t exist. However, eventually we found it, so take note of location closely. This is a lane way that showcases a variety of different styles, and art. However, we were here to see Lushsux’s pieces which included American rapper, Gucci Mane, and American Hip-Hop artist, 21 Savage. Brunswick’s version of Hosier Lane, however a lot more quiet (aka better photos).


dsc_0253  dsc_0246  dsc_0239

Location: Car park of Pea In A Pod Maternity, corner of Sackville Street, and Hoddle Street, Collingwood.

In a car park of a maternity factory is quite a few pieces from the artist (as well as other street artists), including the Donald Trump Hoe filter, Soulja Boy on a dumpster, Kanye West ‘Make America Cray Again’ Portrait, and the Kanye West in a straight jacket.



Location: The Blind Factory, 4-6 Cubitt Street, can be viewed on the corner along Stephenson Street, Cremorne/Richmond. Can also be seen on the trains leaving Richmond Station. 

The controversial music video of Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ painted for all drivers, and train passengers to see near Richmond Station. Featuring Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian in bed. Unfortunately someone has been a dick, and ruined part of it, but as of yesterday, it’s still there.

West Footscray

dsc_0127 dsc_0125  dsc_0135-2  dsc_0122

Location: Side of Massage Parlour, corner of Dempster Street, and Sunshine Road near Tottenham Station, West Footscray/Tottenham. 

Park the car, and get out to have a look. The mural of Salt Bae, or better known as Turkish chef Nurset Gokce is on the wall of a massage parlour. Rising to viral fame as the chef brought the sexy back to the cooking world. Next to it, is the mural of Vladimir Putin, aka the Russian president, with a pun. Across the road from these is also a mural of Hilary Clinton.


Location: Corner of Sredna Street, and Sunshine Road, near Tottenham Station, West Footscray/Tottenham. 

Just one block around the corner, you’ll find this huge piece of American rap artist, Waka Flocka, and American rapper, Gucci Mane.


Location: 184 Sunshine Road, near Tottenham Station, West Footscray/Tottenham. 

There are sure are a lot of Trump street art going around at the moment, so here’s another one in West Footscray. Not too difficult to find, and just around the corner from the others.

Which street artists do you like?



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